“The Artifact Hunter” (AKA Eugene Baldwin) is a knowledgeable and captivating speaker. The museum quality artifacts he displays are reason enough to attend his presentations. But you also may feel a connection with the original makers of these ancient artifacts as “The Artifact Hunter” brings them to life in the stories he weaves.  A masterful story-teller for all ages, the “Artifact Hunter” will hold your attention and instill a greater appreciation of the ingenuity of people long, long ago.

Floyd Bednarz
Professor of Biological Sciences, City Colleges of Chicago
President, Chicago Rocks and Minerals Society


Eugene Baldwin has presented several outstanding programs on archaeology to student, adult and senior groups in Addison, Illinois. His lectures are extremely informative and an enjoyable experience for all those who attend. He has a great rapport with everyone, engaging them in conversations of interest to those learned in archaeology as well as novices. Eugene is dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in his field of the history behind his finds. His program for junior high age students is exhilarating, as he includes so much history and personal experiences in his presentations, keeping students spell-bound.

I highly recommend Eugene Baldwin as a professional in his field and an asset to everyone with whom he comes in contact.

Annette Leiber, Addison Cultural Arts Commission 


When you factor in the hassle and expense of bussing classes to a museum, there is no more affordable field trip option than a class period or two with “The Artifact Hunter”. Gene brought along a hundred or so artifacts and allowed students to handle less fragile objects. No museum has the hands-on experience this journey provides. Simply, having “The Artifact Hunter” at one’s school is better than going to the Field Museum. His expertise, passion, and enthusiasm towards the history of our world are unmatched. This is clearly the best and most affordable educational tool in the Midwest.

James Coughlin, History teacher, Oak Park High School


Eugene Baldwin’s personal collection of artifacts is mind boggling. There were the arrowheads and spear points one might expect, but there were also stone earrings and pendants, clay and stone pipes, sculpture, stone axes (Gene said to us, “Welcome to Ace Hardware in the Stone Age”) animal effigies, etc. People commented that their history books left out nearly everything Gene told us. Who knew that the term “Indians” referred to people who lived in Illinois 20,000 years ago? His stories of how he found the objects were extremely entertaining. The presentation was thought provoking and highly educational.

William Griffis

Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise