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Simply, having The Artifact Hunter at one’s school is better than going to the Field Museum. His expertise, passion, and enthusiasm towards the history of our world are unmatched.Jim Coughlin, History teacher


The Artifact Hunter Experience

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History and anthropology texts in schools pay short shrift to the settling of the New World, a process that began at least thirty thousand years ago. Modern day archaeological theories and discoveries change much faster than can books. The Artifact Hunter, through storytelling, narrative and the displaying of his personal finds, brings updated history to life. Indiana artifact classroom presentations allow audience members stand within a few feet of the artifacts. With the exception of fragile objects, people are invited to touch and handle stone and bone artifacts and fossil finds (fossils and artifacts are found in the same places). This is a mere four degrees of separation: the tool maker, the tool user, the Artifact Hunter finding the object (and bringing it to your classroom, library, senior and nature centers, etc.) and the audience holding history in its collective hands.

Classroom Presentation


Programs are structured for age appropriateness, suitable for grades three and up, with more emphasis placed on storytelling in younger grades. Adult supervision is required, for safety and security.

Classroom Presentation

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The Artifact Hunter is available for presentations primarily in the

Midwest and Chicago  Area.