Who is the Artifact Hunter?

The Artifact Hunter Eugene Baldwin (MA, DePaul University) is a fiction writer, playwright, poet, and musician. He has led over one hundred theatre residencies in schools across Illinois and taught English and theatre at DePaul, Robert Morris College and Elgin Community College.

Mr. Baldwin began finding Indian artifacts as a child in his native, rural Southwest Illinois, and later in states around the country. He developed a network of farmers whose land abutted watersheds of the Mississippi Valley and began searching for artifacts in places archaeologists hadn’t been. The Artifact hunter’s knowledge comes from relationships with archaeologists in Illinois, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, New Hampshire and Virginia, as well as extensive reading and study.The Artifact Hunter

Since 1990, Mr. Baldwin (he was given the nickname Artifact Hunter by deer hunters) has been doing Indian Artifact Classroom Presentations showing parts of his collection of artifacts at schools, libraries, rock clubs and other venues. He uses his storytelling ability to talk about encounters with wild animals, hunting artifacts in the aftermath of flash floods, discovering burial mounds and ancient campsites, and relating current archaeological theories about, and the known history of the First Americans.